Work with IDEA MATH

IDEA MATH is currently looking to expand its staff for the 2020 Summer Season!
Regardless of mathematical or teaching experience, there are positions for which you may qualify!

Since 2007, the staff at IDEA MATH have been dedicated to providing the highest-caliber education to some of the nation’s top young mathematicians. We are proud to have played a part in the educational experience of over 5000 students; and we hope you are just as excited as we are to meet our next batch of students this summer!

A variety of positions are currently available:

Responsible for the instruction and assessment of not more than 24 students in a typical classroom setting. Instructors are expected to explain mathematical concepts well at-the-board, in small-group settings, and one-on-one. Classes are defined by ability level, not age, and Instructors must be comfortable in classrooms with students of varying ages.
Teaching Assistant
Responsible for assisting Instructors on both educational and student behavioral fronts. Assigned to classes of a larger size, Teaching Assistants help to monitor and assist a subset of the class while the instructor works with other students. Teaching Assistants may be asked to assist with grading and similar activities. Teaching Assistants are expected to explain mathematical concepts well in small-group settings and one-on-one.
Office Staff
Responsible for the supporting teaching staff, working with Residential staff to supervise students, performing checking in/out students, filing office documents and performing office machine operation.
Residential Assistant
Responsible for the supervision (health and safety) of students between grades 4 and 11 in the residential settings of our academic environment. Residential Assistants are expected to respond professionally and empathetically to student concerns within residential settings and enforce rules for facility usage.
(This position is only offered at the Greater Boston Area location)

Regardless of the position to which you apply, candidates must demonstrate an active desire to assist children in their pursuit of knowledge. At IDEA MATH, we believe that learning is an interpersonal process, and requires outreach from both the giver and receiver of this knowledge; our staff are expected to take reasonable steps to facilitate student learning and growth beyond that of a passive exposure to course materials. We are looking for candidates that are intrinsically driven and are invigorated by cultivating an advanced understanding of mathematical ideas within our students. Younger children can be energetic, and we hope to bring on more staff that match their level of enthusiasm. Applicants should also be patient and able to encourage young students with positive motivators.

College students and high school seniors are particularly welcome to apply.

Please send your resume to with subject line Job Application (2020 Summer Program). For instructors and Teaching Assistants, please highlight prior experiences with competition math and students.