Placement and Placement Tests

Two of the major strengths of our program -- a strong academic team and a full range of materials -- allow us to provide proper new courses/groups to meet the needs of the student body. Therefore, the schedule is subject to change based on actual enrollment and staff availability.

Note: All course information can be found at our curriculum page here

The IDEA MATH academic team will review enrolled students' background and work with them on placement and/or projected placement levels. The purpose of the placement test is to group students with similar backgrounds together so that our teachers can find the proper materials to work with each group/section. If you are not certain about the exact course you should take, make sure that the detailed academic background information is updated in your account and register for a course that seems to roughly fit your background and needs. After you are enrolled (admitted and tuition paid in full), our academic team will work with you to find the best fitting course for you to study at our program.

It is important for each applicant to input accurate, complete, detailed, and up-to-date academic background information (i.e., age, grade level, math courses taken, official contest scores, etc.) in the applicant's IDEA MATH student account. We review this information to make initial course placement/placement test level decisions.

We offer placement test for Year Round In-person and summer program*. Students who wish to join our program may need to take a placement test (in case you are not sure whether you need a placement test, please contact It is important for each new applicant to answer all questions accurately and provide detailed information. In particular, age, high school graduation year, detailed math background -- courses taken, official contests taken and official scores (rather than ranks).