What Students say about IDEA MATH

Thanks for offering such wonderful program for the kids! Everyday we are looking forward to talking with Matthew at night and to hear all the new material and tricks he learned during the day. Like with magic, your camp has turned a kid who is a little bit afraid of math into one with confidence and eager to learn new math concept. With the inspiration Matthew gained from your camp, we are glad to see the self-driveness and hard working he puts into math! Thank you! In addition, according to Matthew, the teacher at the camp also helped him to improve his math presentation skill which is a nice surprise to us. Now we are only hoping that he can carry this momentum longer.

Lingyu, NJ

I am thrilled to send my son to Idea Math classes. In about 3 month, it completely changed him. He was spending a lot of time playing computer games; sitting around with two laptops, an IPod, and a cell phone in front of a TV. After studying with Idea Math teachers, his math contest scores are rising sharply and his self-confidence has increased. He even tries for perfect scores in all subjects. He has always been a well behaved student at school, now he has a better attitude. Idea Math studies have not only boosted his math skills but also helped my son gain self-control in managing his time. I cannot ask for more than a self-motivated teen at home. As a parent, I can’t explain how thankful I am to Idea Math.

Joey, Massachusetts

I know my students were pleased. They particularly liked the excellent example problems that all of you chose for your instructions and for our practice. It was such a good mixture of thinking problems. ... you did an important work and were needed to help us learn and get smarter.

Marlina, A Math Team Coach, WA

IDEA MATH is a far cry from my expectation. They don't just focus on elite math contests and tests - they just teach all they can. The problems are interesting, and the ideas always thoroughly taught. A formula is never simply given out - it is proved and explained.

Catherine, MA

I enjoyed the team contest, and I liked the sessions where we learned theory through solving problems rather then lectures.

Jenny, CA

This was my first time at an academic camp and my first time doing much contest math. I want to reemphasize the personal evaluation above: this camp was run well (in most ways), and it really made me enjoy and appreciate math much more. I would definitely attend more IDEA MATH programs if given the opportunity.

IDEA MATH established my foundations and prepared me for further math pursuits and contests. There's nothing more thrilling and so far, only IDEA MATH has provided that.

Congratulations to you, Annie and all Idea Math team for providing two amazing and fun weeks, where I could absorb math, instead of listening to math, and have fun with awesome people, with different cultures and ideas. Admirably and wistfully!

Henrique, Brazil

Thank you very much for the Idea Math! Alex really appreciates the camp, especially the teachers, the way of teaching, and, most importantly, the valuable criticism that he hardly get from other places. He told me that he really needs it.

Baolian, NM

Ryan had a great time in the Idea math camp on Boston area from 7/25 to 8/5.

Mingping, MA