Online Placement Test (2020 - 2021 Academic Year)

The next available placement test dates are listed below:
Placement Test Date/Time* Dec. 13, 2020 7:00 PM (ET)
Placement Test Location Online via zoom
Registration By** Dec. 12, 2020
Test Fee*** $75
Target Programs School Enrichment, Extra Curriculum, Contest Edge, XC series and Winter Online Contest Prep program

* The placement test is 90 minutes long. Students should arrive at the testing location (onsite or online) 10 minutes prior to the test.

** $100 will be charged for registration after this date.

*** The placement test fee is non-refundable and non-transferable; that is, it cannot be transferred from one applicant/student to another applicant/student, and it also cannot be transferred from a registered/chosen test session/date to another placement test session/date for the same applicant/student.

Test Level and its targeted course
Test Level Targeted Course
S0 Enrichment Course: Pre-Algebra 1, Pre-Algebra 2
S1 Enrichment Course: Algebra
S2 Enrichment Course: Geometry
S3 Enrichment Course: Algebra 2
T0 Extra-Curricular Course: PC0/Pre-Algebra 1, PCA/Pre-Algebra 2
Winter Online Contest Prep: CW0
T1 Extra-Curricular Course: PC1/PC2
Contest Edge Course: CE1/CE2
Winter Online Contest Prep: CW1/CW2
T2 Extra-Curricular Course: PCX/UC1
Contest Edge Course: CE3/CE4
Winter Online Contest Prep: CW3/CW4
T3 Extra-Curricular Course: UC2/UC3
Contest Edge Course: CE5/CE6
Winter Online Contest Prep: CW5/CW6
T4 XC Series Course: XC7/XC9
Contest Edge Course: CE7/CE8
Winter Online Contest Prep: CW7/CW8/CW9/CW10